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An introduction to Bonsai

Bonsai is a term which can be divided into ‘Bon’ and ‘Sai’ where the former means ‘tray’ and the latter is ‘planting’. It is the art of portraying dwarf trees and plants on pots and trays.

What precisely is Bonsai?
Bonsai in layman’s language is a tree or a plant that is pruned with following consideration:
• Bonsai is nothing but a pruned tree in a pot or a tray
• The trunk perhaps is the most imperative part of the art and the roots must be partially visible in order to make out whether the tree is in good health or not.
• Commonly Bonsai incorporates longer branches in the bottom and the length decreases as you go up. Also the distance between vertical branches also decreases when measured from bottom to top.
• Bonsai should also have open areas so as to distinctly distinguish between shrubs and trees.
• Dead wood comprising jin and shari in your bonsai shows maturity.
Bonsai is a Japanese culture which is not merely a hobby but symbolizes ideas on which the society is based. For example origin, past, man, nature, elements and change are parameters which are related to Bonsai in Zen Buddhism. These parameters are symbolized by the growing method of the Bonsai.
Today when the natural world is in serious jeopardy because of various man made artifacts and commercial doings, Bonsai can be used as serious and effective method to show your love towards the nature and make people understand the beauty and importance of plants and trees in maintaining the existence of human life in this planet.

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