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Bonsai-Art Customization at its best

Bonsai is a style of art that is not quite as common as other art forms like dancing. However it required its own level of skill and expertise. There is a variety of customization level that one can achieve with the art of Bonsai. This is because no two trees are similar, or because it completely depends on the artist to decide how he or she wants to prune the tree.
Single Trunk is one of the tailor-made stylings that you can find in the guide book for Bonsai. Slanting, cascade, formal upright, and twisted are some of the methods you can try with a single trunk subject. Slanting is usually chosen by newcomers wherein all the branches of the trees are confined to only one side giving it a loop-side effect, known as windswept.
In cascade Bonsai the tree’s trunks grow upwards moving away from the soil and then abruptly change directions and move back towards the soil.
Formal upright is pretty easy as it stands upright and requires only minimal pruning. This is one of the easiest and a good choice to start with if you are a newcomer on the field of Bonsai.
Last but by no means the least, is the twisted style of Bonsai which is the most intricate of all the three and entails immense expertise and effort to achieve. This is one of the favorite styles of the Chinese. Twisted Bonsai is also known as dragon style looking at the way the trunk appears after the pruning is completed.

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