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Public Display of Bonsai

Once you are done with pruning and maintaining your Bonsai, you would want to find an appropriate place to display your art so that everyone might see it. After all it is mere appreciation from other people that makes this art so special.
Displaying the Bonsai art is as special as pruning it. The front of the tree should face forward and the tree should be placed at the eye level. Make sure that the tree is not placed directly above the ground rather is placed on some sort of platform in order to get better viewing.
Providing the tree with adequate sunlight and shelter is imperative in order to maintain the art pristinely.
According to Japanese culture it is imperative to maintain the simplicity of the art of Bonsai. The purpose of the art is to display and appreciate plants in an environment where plants are given minimal priority.
An indoor garden setup is a good option where you display all your Bonsai trees. The room you chose for this must have adequate light and air and also reflective glasses and usage of redwood and bamboos for individual units can augment the aesthetic value of your art work.
The art work you portray must be able to convey the statement that is hidden behind your work. The statement must be unique and comply with your ideas and philosophy which you are trying to portray via Bonsai. Change the position and looks of your trees regularly in order to avoid monotonous styling.

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