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Surfing the Best Online Music Site

Sound box is the trendiest online movie store that people love to download music from. This site has fans from all over the world and keeping up to the expectations of its addicted fans it has always provided the best digital music sound tracks. Due to their years of experience in the digital music world they have maintained their standards and created a unique service experience for their customers.
Registering at the music site is very easy and fast processed as you just need to sign up and create an account. And the moment you transfer money in your account you can start downloading your favorite songs and albums. Soundbox .com is the cheapest music site as it charges a minimum rate of no more than 14 cents per song.
The process to download music from the music site:
To register people only need an online form and they and can choose a user name and password. You should also include your real email address so that when the registration formalities are completed a confirmation email can be send to you. The best thing about the online music site is that every new user gets a $0.30 bonus upon confirming his email address.
Method of Payment:
You can easily choose a payment method at the Balance section after registering at the music site. People who like to pay through credit card or debit card they sure have to give specific details of the card type and specific sum. The service charges for one time payment through the credit card are about $15. And the moment you get the card authorized the money is transferred in your account. The advantage of using a credit card payment mode gives you the benefit of getting a refund if for some reason the site is unable to provide you with the downloading facility you can easily get a refund within 7 days.
People who have difficulty in downloading music should start a new session when they download music from this online site. And they can easily enter the user name and their password at the upper right hand corner of the site. To avail the benefit of the sites personalized service you need to register at eth online music site. Sometimes people disable their cookies in their browser and this is the reason that after even logging in the system doesn’t authorize them the right to download music from the site.
To solve this problem you can easily go to your internet options and try to change your settings as this will help in solving your problem. Another important fact that people are not aware of is that if you don’t use the site for more than two hours you log out automatically from the site and to download music again you need to log in again.
This sure is the cheapest online music site and you can also get a 20% discount from the site if you buy the complete album you will also not be charged with previewing tracks. There are millions of music albums available on this site and you can easily choose the one that suits your mood as each album has selected popular songs of famous singers and the digital sound tracks are of excellent quality. So, if you are feeling bored you know where to connect and buy music from.

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